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Methodology Course for Teachers

Who is the course suitable for?

  • Non-native secondary and adult teachers engaged in planning and/or delivering ELT programmes
  • Participants should have a minimum language level corresponding to B2 in the Common European Framework

Course aims

  • To update your methodology, management and practical teaching techniques and skills
  • To examine and reflect on your own approaches and attitudes to teaching and learning
  • To become more aware of what you and others do in the classroom
  • To discuss and share ideas, problems, methods and techniques with peers from other parts of the world
  • To give participants the opportunity to review a range of recent materials that are relevant to their own teaching contexts

Course programme


All participants are required to fill in a pre-course questionnaire. It is very important that this is returned at the earliest opportunity as the course is pre-planned based on this. The course content is outlined and discussed on the first afternoon, and is then adapted as appropriate.


Participants will experience a variety of teaching techniques, materials, devices and procedures designed to help students acquire language. There is a focus on current methodologies and practical teaching skills that participants will evaluate for effectiveness, and also discuss ways of adapting these to fit in with different teaching contexts.


The process of reflecting on your own classroom experience and being exposed to a wide range of teaching techniques, as both teachers and learners, will help you to be a more knowledgeable and creative classroom practitioner.

Description of training content

This course offers 20 hours of teaching methodology (09:00 – 13:30) in a closed group.

Please note that this is an example of the daily program. Course content may often be usefully adapted to incorporate the needs of each specific group.

Week 1


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


09:00 – 11:00

Introductions   and establishing course priorities

Classroom   Management 1: effective classroom management Speaking   1: What constitutes a good speaking class? Error   analysis: Correcting speaking and feedback techniques

Reading   1: Reading strategies and potential problems


11:30 – 13:30

Teaching   and learning: learner styles/ an overview of teaching practices and beliefs

Classroom   Management 2: Physical space/ typical classroom problems Speaking   2: Practical ideas/ analysis in relation to own teaching Grammar:   Presentation techniques/ putting techniques and tasks into practice

Project   work: rationale, planning and development/ possible projects and activities

Week 2

09:00 – 11:00

Vocabulary   1: Presentation of vocabulary/ what’s in a word?

Writing:   teaching structures and writing as a‘classroom’   skill Listening:   Techniques and tasks/ designing your own resources Pronunciation:   integrating pronunciation in your classroom

CALL:   Ideas for using the Internet/ evaluating websites


11:30 – 13:30

Vocabulary   2: ways of presenting vocabulary, recycling

– some   practical ideas

Error   analysis: Exploring techniques/ writing correction symbols Reading   2: task design and sample tasks

Teaching   resources: what  constitutes a good resource?   – sharing and comparing

Closing session, evaluation and feedback

The course is held at the main school which stands proudly on the historic Royal Mile. The school is housed in a magnificent 1820’s building and inside it has been transformed into a bright, well-equipped and modern English language school.